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character education activitiesThe objective of The Keeter Center for Character Education is to give applications and activities which boost the development of character and good citizenship. Character education is crucial not only for its own sake—which would quite frankly be reason enough—but also since, when done well, it can be an essential force in furthering other important educational priorities, specifically school security, college reform, improved academic functionality, and enhanced issue solving and selection creating.

Evaluation of character education should assess the character of the school, the school staff’s functioning as character educators, and the extent to which students manifest good character. Integrate cartoon clips that have characters whose behaviors demonstrate great and undesirable character traits. Ask students to bring in cartoons or comic strips exactly where characters are behaving in responsible or irresponsible methods.character education activities

Character education’s basic principle is that there are ethical values that kind the basis of excellent character. In a college dedicated to developing character, the core values are treated as a matter of obligation they assert that the values are valid, and it is everyone’s duty to uphold them. Undoubtedly, character education resonates with the recent developments in the emerging field of emotional intelligence, or social-emotional learning. Education is undoubtedly about the acquisition of academic understanding, but it is also a lot a lot more.

The State Board of Education shall create by the summer season of the 1997-1998 college year a extensive character education system for levels K-12. Teachers, especially at the main level, occasionally really feel that they have to commence from scratch in the character improvement of their students, since they are not coming to college with a sense of the value of moral values. Have the students feel about a time when they hurt someone’s feelings and then rewrite the situation with a various outcome. Possibly most essential is the partnership between college and residence and particularly the function of parents and families.

Study indicates that most Americans rank teaching children values and discipline” highest among troubles they consider most crucial to college reform (Education Week, 1997). They ought to know that you base your character education lesson plans on absolute, not relative values. Grabbing interest with hot concerns is an superb way to make character education enjoyable – if completed appropriate.Character novels such as bestseller Date with Duty and its companion Passport to Courage deal with hot topics in a captivating manner.