Qualities of a Good Leader

By | 19/05/2017

Becoming a leader can be something that is simply thrust upon you. It can also be a role that you have long strived for and have finally achieved. In either case, it is important that you use your position in an effective and progressive manner. There are a few different qualities that a good leader should have.

Self Assessment

Your first inclination upon accepting your new role may be to make changes. You have worked for the company for quite some time, and you know which areas need to be improved. However, you should first do an assessment of yourself. You should take a look at both your strengths and weaknesses. Once these have been determined you will have a better idea of how to use your skills in order to perform your duties in a more efficient and accurate manner. You will also be able to delegate to those with strengths in the areas where you are weak.


Many times, leaders may think that they have to be harsh and persistent when dealing with others. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. A good leader learns the team by spending time with each individual and learning the different personalities of the team members. This will help you to build a strong and cohesive team. Knowing your team members is also valuable when deciding what roles to delegate to each member.


It is important for a leader to also show confidence and self assurance. In doing so, this will help to inspire your team members. This confidence can also be assuring during times of distress. This same confidence will allow a good leader to stand up for what they believe in and put motions into action accordingly.

Being a good leader isn’t something that comes naturally. It does take hard work and understanding. One of the most important qualities is knowing how to take criticism. Click here to find out more.