Manage Your Organization’s Accounting With Finance For Non-Finance

By | 25/09/2017

Finance for non-finance managers

The finance for non-finance manager’s workshop is suitable for managers. It is helpful for them to improve their finance skills of the business world. This is mainly designed to provide the participants the necessary knowledge to understand the fundamental financial concepts. Participants will also learn about financial documents and its uses. After learning this finance for non-finance management, participants will be able to manage their organization’s budget.

Similarly, participants will also able to analyze the financial performance. This finance workshop aims to provide managers the knowledge of critical financial principles and the right skills to deal with the ever-changing business needs of an enterprise or an organization. The main aim of this workshop is to provide the participants the knowledge about financial functions. It is useful for finance managers those who are looking an organization’s accounts.

These financial functions include creating and promoting a business, gaining assets and conducting a market survey which is assist in determining product or service costs. In an organization, finance plays a vital role in its business operations and it is managed by financial managers. Hence it is necessary for such managers to have sufficient financial skills.  It also explains the necessary concepts of accounting and finance to the participants. Learning finance for non-finance managers are useful for executives those who are working in materials, human resource, marketing and other non-finance areas of an organization.

The finance for non-finance management learning help participants to

  • Understand related financial information within the organization
  • Comprehend the impact of various business decisions on the organization’s performance
  • Reveals an understanding of financial management and accounting
  • Communicate efficiently with the financial specialists

What will the participants learn?

  • How to control a financial system to meet business objectives
  • How to use the concepts of financials
  • Learn about the sources of finance and the availability of finance for an administration
  • It enhances the proficiency in financial domain of the participant
  • It provides entire working knowledge of financial concepts
  • It provides participants the ability as an employee of the organization to handle the financial objectives and decisions eminently
  • Prepare the participant to effectively communicate with finance managers
  • Participants will gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to make great organization’s growth
  • The participants will gain a general idea about financial concepts and an in-depth understanding of the impact of their decisions outside their functional area
  • Participants will learn about financial analysis, planning, forecasting, budgeting, and cash flow and about strategic financing.

Who can do this course?

The finance for non-finance managers program is designed and developed for the non finance managers. It is best suitable for the participant if they those who are working as a manager who is not from a financial or accounting background. Also, for the participants those who need a basic foundation in key financial documents and processes. Similarly, it is suitable for anyone those who want to know about finance and its concepts.